1 noun
1 OFFICIAL ACTION (C) an official action that is intended to deal with a particular problem: Stronger measures are needed to combat crime.
2 half measures things done to deal with a difficult situation that are not effective or firm enough: This was no time for half measures and compromises.
3 A CERTAIN AMOUNT a measure of success/agreement/freedom etc a certain amount of a good or useful quality: new legislation giving women a measure of economic independence
4 UNIT OF MEASUREMENT (C) an amount or unit in a measuring system: A centimetre is a measure of length. | a table of weights and measures
5 a measure of alcohol/whisky/etc a standard amount of an alcoholic drink
6 SIGN/PROOF be a measure of sth formal to be a sign of the importance, strength etc of something: It is a measure of his popularity that he was able to travel around without a bodyguard.
7 WAY OF JUDGING STH a measure of a way of testing or judging something: Exams are not necessarily the best measure of students' abilities.
8 beyond measure formal very great or very much: The pride he felt was beyond measure. | Her work has improved beyond measure.
9 for good measure in addition to what you have already done or given: She tasted the mixture and added another glass of brandy for good measure.
10 in large measure/in some measure to a great degree or to some degree: The improvements are due in large measure to his leadership.
11 in full measure if someone gives something back in full measure, they give back as much as they received: They returned our hospitality in full measure..
12 the full measure of formal the whole of something: Ralph received the full measure of his mother's devotion.
13 get the measure of sb/take sb's measure to form a judgment of someone's abilities or character, so that you are able to deal with them or defeat them: She soon got the measure of her opponent.
14 THING USED FOR MEASURING (C) something such as a piece of wood or a container used for measuring
—see also: tape measure
15 SYSTEM FOR MEASURING (U) a system for measuring amount, size, or weight: liquid measure.
16 MUSIC (C) AmE one of a group of notes and rests (rest1 (12)), separated by vertical 1 (1) lines, into which a line of written music is divided
—see also: made­to­measure, give sb short measure short 1 (14) 2 verb
1 (T) to find the size, length, or amount of something using standard units: Could you measure the height of the wall for me? | The rainfall was measured over a three-month period. | measure sb for sth (=measure someone in order to make clothes for them): She was being measured for her wedding dress.
2 (T) to judge the importance, value, or true nature of something: What criteria can we use to measure women's progress in the workforce? | measure sth by sth: Education shouldn't be measured purely by examination results.
3 (linking verb) to be a particular size, length, or amount: That old tree must measure at least 30 metres from top to bottom. | an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale
4 (T) to show or record a particular kind of measurement: an instrument for measuring tiny amounts of electrical current
5 measure your length old use to fall down flat on the ground
measure sb/sth against phrasal verb (T) to judge someone or something by comparing them with another person or thing: When measured against the work of a professional, her efforts look unimpressive. measure sth off phrasal verb (T) to measure a length of material and cut it from a larger piece: The assistant measured off enough fabric for three dresses. measure sth out phrasal verb (T) to take a certain amount of liquid, powder etc from a larger amount: Measure out 100 grams of flour. measure up phrasal verb
1 (I) to be good enough to do a particular job or to reach a particular standard
(+ to): How will the Secretary General measure up to his new responsibilities? | We'll give you a week's trial in the job to see how you measure up.
2 (I, T) to measure something: I'd better measure up before I start laying the carpet.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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